Contigo offers Indoortainment

Indoor playground and trampoline park. This is the world of Contigo. This is Indoortainment. For more than 15 years. Germany-wide. International. From the initial concept in 3D to the high quality finished equipment. From the detailed business plan to the fully electronic checkout system with RFID. From the powerful and memorable brand to the continuous promotion on all channels. From the foundation to the smallest detail of implementation.

Contigo offers concepts, solutions and materials for a successful indoor park. – Contigo is simply fun!

Indoor playground and trampoline park

Indoortainment means our customers can find everything from one source. For the indoor playground and the trampoline park. No matter whether you are starting a new business from scratch. After all, supporting a successful brand is just as challenging. That means, Contigo offers the necessary equipment. And therefore the right marketing. This is how we guarantee the right solution for every indoor park. And also the corresponding product. From the cash register system to RFID wristbands and high quality trampoline socks.

Demonstrations of fun with Contigo: Superfly, TobeBox, World of Jumpers, Bosiland oder Ninfly.

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