Development of a leisure facility

How is a trampoline park created? Or how do you develop an indoor playground? What is the first step? And what should not be forgotten? How can you put the idea into action? Who provides key figures for potential income or seasonal fluctuations? Which equipment layout is the best one? And how will everything be funded?

No matter whether you’re looking for an indoor playground or a trampoline park, Contigo offers the solution. Whether you want a meaningful business plan including analysis and evaluation for the indoor park. Or support in the construction of the system and the subsequent application. With the goal of offering a special recreational experience, since 2005 we have been developing individual indoor parks that are perfect to suit the needs of the target group. Numerous implementations in German-speaking countries are the result of playful passion and many years of know-how.

Indoor park analysis

Location – competition – accessibility

How big is the catchment area? How many customers are available? What is the general purchasing power in the region? Which pre-existing competitors are there? Is the existing hall suitable for an indoor playground or the trampoline park?

Create a meaningful analysis for your indoor park. With an extensive location analysis we examine the fundamental possibilities for your project. To do so, we examine your future market from the regional catchment area to the potential customer. The potential competition is also an important criterion for future strengths and weaknesses and the associated earnings prospects. So we guarantee our customers a forward-looking plan for the future success of the indoor playground or trampoline park.

Indoor park business plan

Planning – Development concept

Since 2005, Contigo has been developing a business plan on average 5 times a year. Design of the trampoline park and/or indoor playground for the future operator. Consequently, in addition to individual evaluations and forecasts, a business plan from Contigo also offers unique know-how from almost 15 years of industry experience.

As a member of the Association of Indoor Playgrounds and Halls (Verbands der Hallen- und Indoorspielplätze, VDH) and the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) we guarantee future entrepreneurs of the leisure industry a meaningful argumentation guideline based on the evaluation of the market. This includes expected cost structures and visitor numbers as well as a three-year calculated earnings prospects. This information ultimately provides the basis for the best possible financing of your future venture.

Indoor park business plan


Finance – Leasing – Franchise

How should the future indoor park be financed? Moreover, what earnings situation can be expected? Consequently, how much capital is required? That is, which forms and possibilities for financing exist in general and beyond? Are there any possibilities for financing the trampoline park or is there a franchise for the indoor playground?

Based on the key data of the business plan and many years of activities in the financial sector, we support you with financing from the bank, via leasing options or investors.

Opening an indoor park

Now, how can you get started? What is the logical first step? Are yo now in a position to build an indoor playground? Or perhaps directly open the indoor park? What’s the next step? Does a hall have to be found first? Or is the bottom line financing a more important factor? How long does it take from the first planning to the opening? And when is the best time for the opening?

We will be happy to answer these and many other questions, in an initial personal conversation. Call us or write. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your ideas.

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