Do you need a plan or a concept for the indoor playground including a gastronomy concept? Or a planning for the trampoline hall? Should both be combined? What is the right equipment? And which criteria are used to select the equipment? So what do you need to pay attention to in addition? Minimum height? Fire protection? Safety? Or also definition of the target group? Who supplies the equipment for the indoor hall? And how long does it finally take until the opening?

Contigo supplies the appropriate hall concept to match the room plan. After all, in addition to the equipment, the kitchen should also be available. And to plan the kitchen, the range of food and beverages is defined. The number of seats is also important. Just like the lightning. Or the colour of the floor covering. Including the design of the entrance area. And the layout of the birthday boxes. Also the placement of a possible access control. Or the lockers.

We will answer all these questions together with you in advance. Then we coordinate all details. Afterwards, we create a well thought-out hall concept including a room plan. After all, this is the basis for a successful indoor park.

Hall concept indoor playground | Trampoline park concept


For future equipment, Contigo is already focusing on high quality with the hall concept. The best processing and materials are therefore a matter of course. Same goes for a well thought-out arrangement of the attractions. And the steep slide in the indoor playground is just as important as the certified safety net. The excitement of the ninja course is just as important to us as the equipment inspection in the trampoline park by the expert on site.

That is why we plan precisely what fits and what belongs together. First of all, the appropriate equipment is selected according to the spatial conditions. Then the routes and placements are determined. This is followed by a first sketch for calculation. All this is followed by the orientation of the future park. Always keeping the budget in mind, the further equipment is defined. From the cash register system to the jump socks for the trampoline park, all details are coordinated. In this way, a comprehensive concept for the indoor park is finally created. And a final 3D visualization for the virtual walkable experience.

Room plan indoor playground | Planning trampoline park


Where can the guests change? How do you arrange the entrance? Is it possible to book online? Which food and drinks would you like to offer? Do the decorations and possible signposts therefore fit in with the overall appearance? Does the design of the hall correspond to the corporate design?

We’re planning indoor. With a consistent hall concept, Contigo guarantees that everything fits. The employees’ clothing or the wall paintings are important to us. Just as important as the perfect equipment of kitchen and gastronomy. Also the lightning and the sound system are also a matter of course. Just like the cash register system and the other equipment.

A hall concept with a three-dimensional room plan, well thought-out in every detail, and thus provides clear distinguishing features.

Details trampoline park | 3D plan indoor playground


The gastronomy concept is an important component in a holistic plan. The range of food and beverages offered significantly defines the target group. Accordingly, it is important whether there is pizza, fries and spaghetti. In fact, even the brand of the future cola counts. Or the type of fries. Or maybe only snacks are to be offered. Also fitness food instead of fast food.

We also coordinate these details with you in advance. In this way we create a detailed kitchen plan. Here it becomes clear what the future coffee machine will have to do. And also whether it should actually be the hood dishwasher. All this is finally incorporated into the complete concept for the indoor park.

Kitchen planning indoor playground | Gastronomy concept trampoline park