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You need equipment? You want to build an indoor playground? Or would you rather open a trampoline hall? The business plan for the indoor park is accordingly available? The hall concept stands accordingly? Then only the kitchen equipment is missing. As well as the cash register system. Also an access solution. Maybe trampoline socks. Or even birthday boxes. – And definitely some devices.

All these things have to be coordinated. Delivery times, legal requirements and purchasing conditions must be observed. Therefore, precise planning is just as important as anticipatory action. Market and industry knowledge helps to optimize conditions. Experienced partners guarantee planning reliability in this respect.

Contigo does that. As the “architect” for the indoor park, we offer more than just devices. We provide the complete equipment. At the right time. At the right place. And at the best conditions.


Could it possibly be the drop slide or the steep slide? Is Valo Jump much more your favorite? Should it be the airbag or possibly the foam pit? Slackline? Battle Beam? Boulder wall? High-wire garden?

No matter which equipment you are looking for in the trampoline park or the indoor playground. We deliver it. Integrated in your concept. Colour-matched to your design. Therefore individually manufactured. According to your spatial possibilities. Also according to your wishes and ideas. Of course with best quality. And finally at best prices.

We trust in quality from Western Europe. On manufacturers with many years of experience. And on suppliers with on-time delivery. Simply on partners who guarantee quality.

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Are you looking for a cash register for the indoor playground? You want a cash register solution for the trampoline park? So an indoor cash register system. Contigo’s cash register system has been specially designed to meet the requirements of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. After all, you want to calculate entrance fees, and additional services. Or control the merchandise management. In addition, events should be bookable. And perhaps you also want the bookkeeping to be done directly. With the cash register system by Indoortainment every product can be booked. Highest user-friendliness through Windows. Certification according to GoBD (“Principles for Properly Maintaining and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access”). Networked among each other and also externally retrievable for possible evaluations.


You would like to extend the cash register system? A booking system for the trampoline park? Including RFID access solution? You want to spare customers from long waiting? It should be possible to book a birthday party online? Vouchers should therefore also be payed online?

With our tools developed especially for indoor use, we make sure that our customers no longer have to wait. The access is regulated. The liability declaration can be filled in online. And, of course, that the cash register is correct. Of course with all the usual online payment functions from PayPal to credit card.

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Certified equipment, quality tests on site and safety from the very beginning. A matter of course for Contigo. Quality certificates and tested safety are the prerequisite for every device that leaves our premises. Quality from Western Europe and the compliance with minimum tolerances are the prerequisites for meeting these quality guidelines.

In addition to highly sensitive incoming and outgoing goods inspections, quality officers also inspect the finished installation on site. Here every spring is tested for its tensile strength. Safety nets are checked for possible finger traps. And the material is monitored up to the load limit. With certainty.

Trampoline Socks

After all, quality requires the best equipment. Accordingly, the creation of qualified trampoline socks is part of it. As a result, we trust in German quality standards. In this respect, we guarantee the best materials. Excellent processing. Exact fit. And timely delivery. Of course at the best conditions. In short: with certainty.

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