From cash register to trampoline socks

Are you looking for the right solution for the cash register? An indoor checkout system? A booking system for the trampoline park? The RFID access wristband in the indoor playground? The general time recording process for the indoor park? Or is it possibly “just” the timely delivery of five or fifty thousand trampoline socks? We are also happy to deliver the required quantities of RFID wristbands. Or the single costume for your walking act? Contigo offers everything from one source in any case. On time and with the best conditions.

The indoor checkout system

Are you looking for the right solution for the cash register? The Contigo indoor checkout system has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the indoor playground and trampoline park. After all, you want to calculate admission, intake and additional services. As well as control the merchandise management. In addition, events are booked. And perhaps the bookkeeping should also be done directly.

With the checkout system for Indoortainment, every product can be booked. The highest level of user friendliness is provided via touch terminals. Cost efficiency thanks to Windows. Certification according to GoBD. Interlinked and also externally available for possible evaluations.

an example Indoor POS system

Book indoor tickets online

Would you like to spare your customers annoying waiting times? Is it also possible to book birthday parties online? Can vouchers therefore be paid for online? Offer indoor tickets online.

With a tool specially developed for indoor use, we ensure that your customers no longer have to wait. They can simply use online booking for the Indoor area. Overbooking or overlapping with online and offline tickets is also a thing of the past. Of course, all the usual online payment services can be used, from PayPal to credit card.

An example Indoor Tickets Online

RFID access

Record the jump times without personnel costs. As a result, automatic regulation of entry times. In addition, the provision of personalised lockers. All this is possible with Contigo and our RFID technology.

And how payments should be made, you can then decide for yourself. Book credits? Or rather pay when leaving the system at the cash register? A combination is also possible and can be programmed individually. Of course, we also provide the necessary media. From wristband to customer card. From design to production and the permanent supply of the appropriate media.

An example RFID with bracelet

Clothing, socks, wristbands

Whether it’s a hoodie or a shirt, Contigo also provides the right clothing for your employees. No matter whether you want socks or baseball caps. Contigo delivers the right clothes for merchandise and facilities. In both small and large quantities. Individualised and brand-appropriate. Speedy, affordable service. And always with a view to the benefits for operators and visitors.

Trampoline socks | Merchandise

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