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A new brand for a new trampoline park: With more than 250 specialized employees, the Röhrdanz group works in a great variety of fields. Their competence reaches from retail to property to building and renting. The Röhrdanz ground extended their range of services on the field of fun and fitness in 2018, to use existing buildings even better in the future. Final the idea of an own trampoline park was planted. With the intention to offer a varied range of leisure activities, remote from the metropolis, the location of choice was Göttingen.

As a university town with the relevant target group, Göttingen had have the perfect building as well: a former indoor tennis court. On all in all about 4,000 square meters the jump park should be created. Corresponding to the existing floor plan, the decision was made to expand the future trampoline park with an additional indoor playground, so that even the smallest visitors get to enjoy themselves.

Looking for a fitting partner, who could deliver the needed equipment, the choice was on ELI-Play. As supplier for the successful „RTL“-series „Big Bounce“, the company from the Netherlands surely knows which requirements had to be met. So they came together fast on this topic. From Tumbling Lane to Walk Wall, from Airbag to Bounce and Ninja Parcours, no wishes weren’t fulfilled. ELI startet the production. There were „only“ a few questions left: Who delivers a cash register system which is specialized on trampoline parks? How will the park be advertised? What shall be its name? Where do we reach the future visitors? What should the hall look like? Who has got an idea for the lights? Or the wall painting? Or …

Indoortainment from Contigo

Indoortainment is the name of Contigo’s registered trademark. The program that lies behind this is self-speaking: From the cash register to the jump sock. From the online booking system to the RFID controlled entry. And from merchandise to employee equipment: Contigo offers the complete equipment for trampoline parks. Also advertising and communication are guaranteed. From the first appearance of the brand including trademark, color codes and corporate design. From the website to the appearance on facebook. And from posters to the company plaque on the roof to freely distributable printing products, the business card or the menu. Contigo develops, designs, produces and delivers.

World of Jumpers Foam Pit - Contigo Indoortainment World of Jumpers Jump Parcours - Contigo Indoortainment

Furthermore, future World of Jumpers should get a look, a logo, a brand. Contigo developed a thought through corporate design, including belonging ads. The design of the hall was included in the concept. A cool atmosphere was created. The whole hall was newly designed. From the wall painting to the orientation system, one can find designs and strokes made by Contigo. The Indoortainment specialists didn’t stop at the lighting system as well. Cool retro lamps, in an industrial style, should also fit into the street art look of the concept. You’ll find this look on the website, too. Naturally, the visitor should find oneself again in the trampoline park. Who wants to see World of Jumpers should pay it a visit. The website www.worldofjumpers.de is an alternative as well.

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