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Why Contigo

Why Contigo and who is it?

The family magazine meineBande in an interview with the managing director of Contigo Indoortainment GmbH:


meineBande: Mr. Pieper, your company Contigo was founded in 1998. Why didn’t you specialize in the field of today’s Indoortainment until 2005?

Frank Pieper: Well, the origin for this very unique specialization was a very coincidental meeting with the current board of directors of the Superfly holding company. At that time he was managing Abenteuerland AG, which was looking for a new brand orientation with four indoor playgrounds. That was our original entry into this world.


meinBande: So in the beginning you only concentrated on advertising for Abenteuerland?

Frank Pieper: You could say that. However, new customers from this sector were added quite quickly. Especially start-ups asked us for help. Within the first three years of this branch orientation, we served over 10 indoor playgrounds.


meineBande: And with all the indoor playgrounds you concentrated exclusively on the brand?

Frank Pieper: Well, we still do that today. After all, the brand is the linchpin for us. Imagine a curved, yellow M and then think of burgers and fries. Which brand are you thinking of? Or which brand do you associate with three stripes on a sneaker? – Of course, these are all quite extraordinary brands. But the goal is recognition and uniqueness. What is true for an individual is ultimately also true for a company.


one stop shop Indoortainment

meineBande: But today’s Contigo range has expanded considerably. In addition to advertising, you also offer POS software, management consulting and even equipment.

Frank Pieper: (laughs) Yes. And doesn’t that belong together for you? If I want to make a brand successful, then it’s not enough to simply paint colorful pictures. Of course, I don’t want to belittle our marketing department. But after all, advertising is ultimately a part of the company’s integral orientation. I personally support the companies in their initial business orientation.

We analyze the region for potential visitors and possible competitors. Then I develop an individually tailored business plan, some of which can be up to 100 pages long, in order to align the company in a targeted manner. In addition to future earning prospects, this plan naturally also includes all necessary costs. That means I have to know how much the equipment for the indoor playground or trampoline park costs and also what the POS system or the booking system can provide. So, at some point, it seemed obvious to me to offer further services in addition to management consulting – to which marketing also belongs.


POS Solution by Contigo

meineBande: Let’s go back to the POS system. This was developed independently by Contigo. Is that correct?

Frank Pieper: Yes, that’s right. Especially in the cooperation with Superfly we realized that a classic gastro system does not really fit for the indoor park. On the one hand there was no booking system that could be integrated really easily and on the other hand the planned control with RFID accesses was almost impossible. So we initially worked with a system that was originally developed for swimming pools. But here, the adaption to the requirements of playground and trampoline park turned out to be complicated, too. And the connection of our booking tool, which we had developed in the meantime, was not exactly easy either.


meineBande: So the POS system followed the booking system?

Frank Pieper: Absolutely correct. The programming of the POS system was already a big challenge, which we practiced practically first with the online portal. Finally, in addition to the technical features, legal requirements also had to be taken into account in the POS system. GoBD (“Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access”) was a prerequisite here right from the start. But during our development time, TSE (“Technical safety device”) was added in 2020. And it was clear to us from the start that we would only launch the POS system in both, the indoor playground and the trampoline park, when all requirements had been met.


The one an only: Contigo

meineBande: And would you say that Contigo is the only supplier today that offers a POS system especially developed for the indoor playground or trampoline park?

Frank Pieper: (laughs again) Yes. In fact we are very proud of this POS software. And in its type and scope, it is certainly unique. Also the price setting might be surprising, since our cloud-based system has hardly any hardware requirements. You can practically control the whole thing with your smartphone or tablet. And, what’s more, you can look up the current results of your park from anywhere in the world. In this form and in this special orientation for indoor parks, the system is really unique. But in the end, these are all services provided by Contigo. After all, we also have unique customers.


meineBande: (laughs now too) Yes. That’s right. Your industry and your specialization in trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds is also unique. Especially in times where many things are copied and imitated, it’s nice to see that there are still good ideas and companies with ideas that dare to implement them. meineBande thanks you for this interview!