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virtual 3D tour

Virtual tour in 3D: Equipment. Walking paths. Gastronomy. The development of an indoor park requires a lot of imagination. Where should the reception desk be? Where are children’s birthdays finally celebrated? Besides, how is it paid? For example, what are the special features of the trampoline park? And how much space does the main attraction take up in the indoor playground?

Contigo visualizes your indoor park in a 3D tour

First, we discuss your ideas and wishes. Then we put together the possible elements of your park. Afterwards we visualize the whole thing in a 3D tour. You can now walk virtually through your indoor playground. Examine your future attractions. Discover walking paths. Experience your very own personal park. Three-dimensional. Virtual.

Are you planning an indoor playground or trampoline park? Use a virtual tour in 3D visualization. So you have the opportunity to experience areas. Define areas exactly. In the end, we don’t leave even the smallest details to chance. Plan your indoor park with Contigo. Enter before the walls and facilities are in place. Decide on colors, shapes and equipment. Virtual. Visually. Three-dimensional.


virtual tour with 360 degree

Magnify. Zoom in. Go into detail. All this is possible with the 3D visualization offered by Contigo. Whether trampoline park or indoor playground. Each attraction is visualized in such detail that you can walk virtually through your park long before it is actually built.

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