VDH network meeting

With its 30th VDH network meeting the Verband der Hallen- und Indoorspielplätze („Association of hall- and indoor playgrounds“ www.myvdh.de ) could celebrate a small anniversary on 13th and 14th May.

50 guests were there when we took off to the Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, which is a stalactite cave. The following tasting in the Märkischen Spezialitäten Brennerei (distillery) aroused enthusiasm. As a distributer for liquors for Sansibar, on the island of Sylt, the founder Klaus Wurm promised highest quality. Despite the high-proofed tasting there was also time for an entertaining lecture about the topic of social media. Contigo informed about the possibilities and risks of facebook and others. Secondary discussions on this topic were hold at the get together in the evening and hold a lot of potential. It remains to be seen which ones of the participating indoor playgrounds intensifies their use of of social media in the future.

As enlisted member of the VDH, we look forward to the next network meeting in November. By the annual trade show Intobia in Fulda, a secondary exchange is granted.

The VDH organizes network meetings on a regular basis. For the members, there is the possibility to meet up with the suppliers from the leisure industry, get connected to them and to cultivate contacts.

The mission of VDH – a statement

The VDH – Verband der Hallen- und Indoorspielplätze e. V. (= „Association of hall and indoor playgrounds“) – is in every way the leading representation of interest of indoor playgrounds in the german speaking area. Furthermore, it is the first place to go to all members in all field specific questions. The VDH combines sector knowledge and builds contacts to industry and commerce. All members of VDH build a quality association. These enlisted companies take action following the code of honor of the association. So the VDH holds a high standard of safety and mirrors a great awareness of service. The members are checked on meeting the code of honor. The association takes care of a positive and media effective external representation. Of its standards of quality and offers seals of quality to its members.

The association takes care of the increasing exchange of experiences for the permanent connection between its members. It organizes network meetings on a regular basis and runs a forum on its website, where members can exchange their experiences. So the VDH supports its members with company intern and extern traineeships. Also with organizing seminars and workshops, regularly. By awarding outstanding companies, the association supports the innovative spirit of its members. The VDH is committed to the financial success of its members and supports them with concerning issues. This association takes care of the spiritual, financial and media politic interests of its members. It supports the exchange with the suppliers from the leisure industry with the admission of official supporters. Finally the VDH makes an effort for the health promotion of children and it supports social fields.

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