Planning Wichtelwerk Munich

A young family. Two kids. One plan. It shall be an indoor playground in Munich. Courage, willingness and one’s own capital are available. What now? Is the construction of an own Hall fundable? How much rent is possible? How many visitors can we expect? Which playground equipment should we offer? How much competition is on this market?

Questions to founding

Frequent questions come up when a new leisure company is going to be created. The answers come from Frank Pieper of Contigo in a business plan with around 100 pages. From local analysis to the prospects for making profit for the next three years: it’s all included. Also the equipment offer and the entry fee. Besides the market review and the personnel planning. In the business plan the facts are collected, which build the basis for the upcoming financial aspects.

Conversations will be conducted. With local authorities, banks and possible landlords. The initial planning of a new building is cancelled due to a special location. It shall be a former signal box of a train company. While the future landlord carries out the renovation of the hall, conversations will be hold with different equipment suppliers. The supplier of choice is ELI-Play. The convincing facts: the physical proximity of the south german company. Many years of experience. An outstanding price/performance ratio. At this time nobody knew anything about the future success of the “RTL”-series “Big Bounce”. The equipment of this series came also from the dutch supplier. ELI convinces right from the start.

Even during the renovation of the hall and the assembling of the future equipment, Contigo acts in an advisory capacity. The right furnishing for the gastronomy is chosen, an additional gallery is planned and the necessity of a future chef for the elevated cuisine is calculated.

The brand Wichtelwerk

At the same time the branding is created. The name of the future indoor playground in Munich shall be “Wichtelwerk”. With the name comes a clear dissociation from “usual” indoor playgrounds. The clearly younger target group of the average 5 year olds will be set on sight. Based on this guidelines, Contigo creates a branding with the two mascots Fin und Fine, as well as the belonging world. This world you’ll find on the inside of Munich Wichtelwerk, but also in the magazine, which belongs to the establishment and where you can flick through the sides and devour. Further communication like the website, the house folder and several small publications are designed and produced under the aspect of the targeted brand orientation. After all, the Munich kids shall conquer the new indoor playground as soon as possible.

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