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Online booking

Online Booking

Why exactly should a trampoline park use a cash register system with an online Ticketing option? An example: Friday evening, 19 o’clock. 12 people. Many ideas. Cinema? Bowling? Trampoline park?

The choice is on the Friday Night Jump with club sounds. Only question left: Are there any free seats? The answer is given by the online Ticketing system by Contigo. Due to the direct connection to the cash register system, which is also delivered by Contigo, the online inquiry is matched with the already booked tickets and confirms: This evening there are still 28 seats left. Due to up-to-date nature the inquired seats in the online Ticketing system are only reservable for 5 minutes. If the 12 people don’t book in this amount of time, the quota falls back to the box-office.


Software for trampoline parks

It’s time for jumping with club sounds. The 12 seats are confirmed by the online Ticketing system and are payed via PayPal. Due to this the payment at the box-office is dropped and for the organizer it is made sure that this is no no-show. To get in the benefit of the fast lane to avoid waiting in line the, 12 people fill in the liability statement online and connect it with their previously created account, which is also connected with the online booking system and with the cash register system.

While entering the park the 12 jumper can pass the waiting line, which is usual for a Friday Night Jump and register at the fast lane with their name and date of birth or show their booking confirmation of the online booking with a QR-Code on their Smartphone. For those that visit the park for the first time, their information is saved onto a RFID-Bracelet, while these that already have their bracelets from previous visits just show their bracelets at the cash register, to book the current jump event onto it.


12 spontaneous, happy customers with repetition guarantee. One of many reasons for a thought trough cash register system with an online booking option.

Directly to Contigo Cash, the software for online booking in the indoor park.

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