Nori park – indoor playground

For hours – at least it feels like that – tiny Nori is haunting my ears.

What did I think to show my youngster, who is 4 years old, that his favorite song of Nori is available to download on the internet? What did I think when I took him to the indoor playground at the Skyline-Plaza? I should have known that this tiny rollercoaster character from Far East has potential for addiction.

Nori makes you want to more

My name is Daniel and I work at Contigo. In relation to above-named addiction this confession may sound like one of an anonymous group. But in case of Nori, this may apply more to my four year old. Nori has found his way into my son’s heart and he (my son) can’t be gotten off visiting Nori in the mall in Frankfurt (Main) next week again. Don’t get me wrong, dear Nori-friends, I’m happy about the thought through equipment, the cash register system with RFID-bracelets or the printed magazine to flick trough.

We, of Contigo, took care that it looks and works like it should. I, personally, am responsible that the website is online and the posts on facebook are answered in time. But couldn’t Nori get into Funk’n’Soul from time to time? I would listen to the specially composed song in loop. It might be me then, who wants to go to the shopping centre every week. For my wife it wouldn’t be much of a difference, she didn’t complain till this day…

Website: www.noripark.de

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