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Ninfly – Home of modern Sports

The story starts in a former furniture store. 5,000 square meters in size. But at the same time a ceiling height of only 4.80 meters. – Not the ideal preconditions for an indoor playground. But next door, in the former warehouse, an additional trampoline park should be built. Here the ceiling was high. However, the 2,000 square meters there now appeared much smaller.

But new founder Tom could not be dissuaded. His new business model stood right in front of him. After all, he already had some experience in the leisure market to offer. So ideas, concepts and plans were discussed. For the equipment, the entrepreneur relied on the equipment manufacturer ELI-Play. Here, everything from trampoline equipment to the ninja course and the complete indoor playground was delivered on time and in top quality. In order to finally guarantee the installation on schedule, the future operator sometimes resorted to unusual means: With the milling machine for road construction, the complete floor covering of the former furniture store was removed without delay. Although some of the outer walls had to be removed, the end definitely justified the means.

Brand, marketing and advertising by Contigo

Also with the naming you had to reach a bit into the bag of tricks. Because the original favorite was boycotted during the registration period by a brand name that was foreign to the industry but supposedly comparable. Without further ado, the name was changed to today’s Ninfly. Contigo then just as quickly changed the already created Corporate Design, in order to be able to deliver all advertising material and wall designs in time for the opening. Interestingly, the future Ninfly shared the preference for the color orange. So Contigo had practically a home game with its own corporate color. Within a record-breaking period of time, not only a meaningful brand was created, but also the necessary measures such as a homepage with a link to online booking. Screens for logging on to the terminal. Various templates for the graffiti sprayer and additional printed materials for the initial application.

Trampoline park and indoor playground

The success should prove our customer right. While the trampoline park convinces by its area also in the height, the main hall with only 4.80 meters ceiling height presents itself likewise very inviting. From the generous entrance, to the modern bistro, to the specially designed ninja course, everything fits perfectly. Regular updates of the – already very versatile – offer also ensure lasting fun and a recurring experience. As regular visitor evaluations prove, the Münster-based park can be proud of a very large regular audience. More than 30% of the guests visit the park at least 3 times a year. We are happy with Ninfly and are proud to be part of this success story.

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