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Jump `N Fun Arena

As a „quite touching moment“ the owners of Jump ’N Fun Arena describe their visit to Superfly Air Sports in Wiesbaden. Superfly was one of the first on the German market. They left their mark on the world of trampoline parks. With currently 8 locations from Aachen to Wiesbaden. The former start-up grew in a short amount of time to a big concern.

Jump ’N Fun Limburg

Both men from Limburg were amazed by the number of visitors and the achievable earnings by this business concept. The appearance of the brand everywhere as well as the solutions for cash desks and admission convince. As experienced experts from fitness and construction industry the two business men come to an agreement. This would be their next mutual business concept. Also the location is firm: It shall be Limburg, a small town in Germany. Here they know their target group and know how they can reach them. As additional facts the location of an getting old indoor playground happened to be for sale. Even though its best location the till then managed park didn’t match the legal requirements. This made the management of the unblemished managed shopping centre WERKStadt cancel the longtime tenancy.

The both founders take the Chance. They developed an extraordinary trampoline and indoor playground park. On over 4,000 square meter for this region a unique concept is created with a Big Bounce area, huge trampolines and a climbing and games section for the 3 to 14 year olds, plus a passage to the second floor, which were all developed by ELI-Play. The new leisure time facility arises within 6 month. Already in the run-up to the opening, numerous visitors announce that they will come to visit. While the necessary information is presented to the growing fan-base on facebook and various publications in the regional press announce the grand opening, the website already offers the option to book future birthday parties online.


Jump N Fun Arena in Limburg Germany

To keep the targeted opening date, everyone works at full speed. Evening hours and weekends loose importance to Contigo, because the park in Limburg is cared for with extraordinary mindfulness. The distance from Limburg to Montabaur with only 20 km is to be disregarded so you could speak of a home game. From today’s brand appearance to the interior decor, the gastronomical concept and the cash register system, everything comes from Contigo. Finally one can be curious about the further development of Jump ’N Fun Arena in Limburg which opened up on 5th February 2019. Will they follow the example of Superfly?

This way to the website: Jump ’N Fun Arena Limburg

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