Indoor playground costs

Caller: Good day! I want to open up an indoor playground. What does that cost? What is the price of indoor?

Contigo: What do you pay for a nice dinner in a restaurant?

Caller: That depends on what I order. A currywurst is also a dinner and I only pay 4 euro for one. If I order a juicy steak it can easily be 30 euro. Which kind of dinner do you mean?

Contigo:   . . .

Of course this is fictitious. Naturally, we’d never affront our customers like that. But to answer the question what the costs are for an indoor playground or a trampoline park, we need further information.

Where shall it be happening? How specific is the target group? Which preconditions does the location offer? How much budget is available? Which wishes and demands are there? – All these and much more details have to be made clear in a personal conversation, before we can give you information that is reliable about prices, times and performances. No way is too far, no concept too small. If you want to open up a playground cafe in Potsdam, let’s talk about it. It shall be an enormous trampoline park behind the Swiss border? Sure. We come to visit you. We’d also like to welcome you here in Montabaur (next to the A3 between Bonn and Wiesbaden). So let’s talk About. What is the price of an indoor playground? We know the cost of an indoor playground.

It would be best if we talk on the phone about it: +49 2602/89710

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