IATP Trade Show

Contigo Indoortainment / International Association of Trampolineparks: Already for the third time we went to the IATP Trade Show. More than 300 visitors followed the invitation of the International Association of Trampoline Parks. Three days long the Maritim hotel at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin transformed into a big stomping ground.


Supplier for trampoline parks

You could find here actual and future owner of trampoline parks, as well as their suppliers. On top many presentations of products gave you a lot of information and future business connections. From jump socks to cash register systems to online booking systems or franchise options. Long story short: A great variety of possibilities. Trainings, seminars and workshops informed about news and options in the field of indoor sport establishments.

IATP – Provider for the trampoline park

The established park owners of Jumphouse and Superfly were at the IATP Trade Show as well as well-known suppliers as ELI-Play, SPI or Sidijk. Also specialized suppliers were to be found, like the Slush-ice experts Freunde der Erfrischung or the, insurance broker Hähnel. In other words: An ideal environment for Indoortainment by Contigo.

As enlisted member of the IATP we want to thank the organizers for this successful event, the lively exchange with suppliers and customers. For the next IATP Trade Show in September we’re already ready to get to Swiss.

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