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Halligalli – Indoorplayground

Frankfurt offers enormous potential for an indoor playground. And a park in Frankfurt’s hottest shopping mile, myZeil, can further increase this potential.

At least Halligalli is correspondingly well positioned. With its three locations, the indoor playground is probably one of the first in its sector to set standards. After all, the future trend of such indoor playgrounds was not yet very widespread in Germany. In the USA and also in the neighboring Netherlands, however, it was. Accordingly, the founder, who is still active today, decided to create a completely new market segment. And the success should prove him right.

With proper Halligalli

Accordingly, the area of the former swimming pool is now certainly the place where many non-swimmers romp around. This is where the large climbing frame was placed. From the former depth of the pool to just under the roof, the attraction today provides a lot of fun and variety.

In addition to a high-quality and well-thought-out equipment, marketing is still an important pivotal point. After all, the offer must also be known. It is important to address the right target group with the appropriate advertising measures. A website that is always up to date is just as important as the latest post on facebook. Or the small folder for distribution in the pedestrian zone. Finally, the signage within the park must also fit in with the brands overall image.


From the Website to the folder

As professional in his field, the operator of the indoor playground therefore also relies on professionals. All the better that Contigo was a partner who, in addition to its specialization in the management of indoor playgrounds, also specialized in the field of advertising. Customers such as Tolliwood, TobeBox, Jux & Tollerei or Bosiland provided more than just proof of Contigo’s successful activities. Since 2010, the business friendship has been continuing. And surely there is still a lot of advertising and marketing to be expected. We at Contigo will be happy to take care of it in any case.

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