Contigo develops, constructs and delivers the equipment up to the complete indoor park. From climbing frames in the indoor playground to ninja warriors or big bounce in the trampoline park. Just like the complete kitchen with table and chair. And also the cash register with registration and access solution.

We deliver everything for the trampoline park and the indoor playground from a single source. With precision and technology from Germany. From the first CAD draft to the final TÜV approval. Based on the individual requirements of the hall, we develop a unique concept for complete equipment.

Construction and equipment

What is the right equipment? What criteria are used to select the devices? And what should you pay attention to in addition? Minimum height? Fire protection? Security? And how long does it take until the indoor playground or trampoline park opens?

If you want to open an indoor playground or a trampoline hall, you need the right equipment. Here Contigo is already focusing on quality with the hall concept. The best workmanship and materials are just as natural as the well thought-out arrangement of the attractions. The certified steep slide in the indoor playground is just as important as high-quality plastic in the ball pit. Also the tension in the ninja course is just as important to us as the test by the expert.

That is why we plan the entire facility. First of all, the right devices are selected based on the spatial conditions. Then the routes and placements are determined. And finally, a comprehensive concept for the indoor park is created.

Equipment for indoor playground and trampoline park

One stop shop

The indoor playground and also the trampoline park is the sum of many details.

Accordingly, we coordinate all factors specifically with each other. In addition to great attractions, the presentation in the reception already counts. As well as the feel-good factor in the bistro. Just like the range of food and drinks. Furthermore an uncomplicated payment process. In short: Every detail.

By the way, you can find more about the cash desk here.

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A fast and uncomplicated registration is important. Therefore, we also suppy cash register and registration terminals, the reception desk or even the key to the changing room.

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Steep slide, climbing frame, ball pool or trampoline. Contigo develops the concept and supplies the appropriate equipment. On-schedule installation with certified safety.

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Experience gastronomy redefined: In keeping with the overall hall concept, the catering facilities also present themselves as cool or playful. Completely. From the menu to the seat.

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