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Equipment and devices for the indoor playground

The climbing frame is the center of almost every indoor playground. With its various levels and just as many possibilities for climbing, sliding, clambering and romping, it offers plenty of variety. Here you will find the boulder wall, the wave slide or the steep slide, as well as numerous elements such as seesaws, small slides, balls or sandbags.


Climbing frame with slide or ball pool

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There seem to be almost no limits to the possibilities of sliding in the indoor playground. From the classic wave slide with two or four parallel tracks to the toddler slide, everything is possible in the climbing frame.

Would you like to go down the adrenaline-charged steep slide, drop slide or freefall slide? Or would you prefer a slower decent down the open stainless steel slide? Then the tube slide would also be possible. Or if it may be a little more unusual, then perhaps the roller slide or the donut glider or snowglider fits.



Toddler area for infants

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We also offer the very youngest the opportunity for safe play in the indoor playground. In the Toddler Area, toddlers up to the age of 5 will find everything their hearts desire. From the small slide from the mini tower to the playhouse or the padded seesaw in the ball pool. You will have trouble sending the little ones home again.

Talk to us. We’ll be happy to present you with the best possible selection of slides, play structures and equipment for your indoor playground.



Contigo offers quality for the trampoline park

More than 15 years of experience with indoor parks guarantee comprehensive know-how. Moreover, the final inspection by the independent expert guarantees quality.

Developed in accordance with the EN1176-10 standard, the trampoline park structures designed and installed by Contigo are made of hot-dip galvanized steel frames. Here, a unique connection mechanism, as well as thought-out grid, provides for any lengths and connections. Individual adaptations to spatial conditions are therefore just as possible as the design of your own personal idea.

For the protection of your guests, we use high quality padding. Made of high-quality, non-flammable foam and the enclosing lining made of vinyl, these covers additionally provide the desired, colorful aspect in your trampoline park. Of course, the complementary nets and fences also meet the highest quality standards. Made of high-strength PP or PE structures, our nets guarantee durability and at the same time safe protection for your guests.


Contigo delivers equipment for the trampoline park

As a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the trampoline park, Contigo offers a unique value proposition. Indoortainment includes much more than equipment for the trampoline park. From the first concept for the gastronomy, the reception or even the social rooms. We provide the equipment in the bistro as well as in the changing room. As well as the complete kitchen with table and chair. And finally, the cash register with registration and access solution. Contigo develops, supplies and installs equipment and fittings. With technology and precision from Germany, we guarantee quality. From the first concept to the trampoline area, the ninja course or the bounce aera in the trampoline park.

This is how Contigo guarantees the perfect equipment for the trampoline park: Equipment


Our Clients

The success of our customers speaks for itself: After only 6 months, Bosiland reached the previously calculated annual turnover. Despite existing competition, the Wichtelwerk placed itself as a successful indoor playground in Munich. Since 2013 the TobeBox is the most successful indoor playground in the Ruhr area…

We will be happy to assist you with advice and support as well as many years of expertise: 02602/838710 oder info@contigo.ag

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