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Analysis and finally also the business plan: Open an indoor playground? Build a trampoline hall? Use our business plan. For indoor playground and trampoline park. Including preceding analysis. Since 2005 we check locations. For more than 15 years we have been calculating earnings prospects. And right from the start we calculate the possibilities for your successful indoor park.

With unique market knowledge and daily updated surveys, Contigo accordingly guarantees the optimal basis for the perfect alignment of your future business. Key figures ranging from turnover to personnel. And investment costs ultimately provide the basis for future decisions.

Analysis and business plan

How large is the catchment area? And how many customers can be reached? What is the purchasing power in the region? What competitors are there? Is the existing hall suitable for an indoor playground? Or is it suitable for a trampoline park? And what are the earnings prospects?

Finally, we examine the possibilities with an extensive analysis. For this purpose we examine your future market. From the regional catchment area. To potential customers and the competition.

Then we develop the business plan. For indoor playground or trampoline park. This planning provides the basis for future orientation. For the company as well as the financing discussion. Here you will find expected cost structures and visitor numbers. In addition, an earnings outlook calculated for three years. The business plan also provides an overview of the industry. Accordingly, also the competition. As well as necessary investments and running costs.

Analysis indoor playground | Business plan trampoline park

Indoor with safety

As member of the Association of hall- and indoor playgrounds (VDH), sowie the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) guarantee future companies in the leisure industry a meaningful argumentation guide.

You would like to open an indoor playground? Or build a trampoline hall? Here you can learn more about the business plan and solutions that have been implemented.

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Which is the right location? How strong is the competition? How many visitors can you schedule in future? Contigo’s unique analysis provides information.

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Business plan

Earnings prospects, cost structures and future investments. Important details on the founding of the company and the associated financing.

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Financial talk

Finance plan, liquidity plan and the quarterly figures for the next three years are only part of future details of the company’s orientations for sound financing.

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