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Cash-system with RFID

Why should a trampoline park use a cash register system with RFID-bracelets? An example: Sunday afternoon. 15 o’clock. A four-person family. Many ideas. Cinema? Bowling? Trampoline park?

Cash register system in the trampoline park

The decision is on a family day with reduction. The four already know one’s stuff. Everyone has their own bracelet. Besides their personal data, the declaration of liability is saved onto it. So they log in online, book 90 minutes of jump time and pay for it. When the family enters the park 60 minutes later, it’s enough to show the bracelet at the cash register. The saved data is scanned and compared with the information in the cash register system. The way to the trampolines is free. In a few minutes the booked jump time starts. And the family uses the time to exchange their shoes with jump socks and to pack their stuff into lockers. Scanning the bracelet on the locker locks their stuff safe.

Access with RFID

The same scan operation with the bracelet at the gate and they can make their way to the trampolines. The time runs from now. And the cash register system counts along. As experienced jumpers, the four of them know that they have to leave the trampoline area after 90 minutes, as they hear the acoustic signal. The bracelet confirms that they met the 90 minutes and opens up the gate, which is controlled by the cash register system. The operator grants a few minutes for free, but if it takes you longer than 15 minutes to get out, after your time is up, you have to pay for the over time.

This extra payment the family preferably invests into some ice cold beverages. After choosing the kind of beverage and scanning the bracelet at the drinks machine the beverage of choice is dispensed. After a repeated and free opening of the locker and changing back to shoes, the four leave the trampoline park with one last checking of the bracelet at the exit cash desk. The additionally booked service is checked and after the payment the visitors are released into „reality“.


A four-person family. Online payment beforehand. Cashless usage during the stay. Easy method of payment. Deposit of personal data – is a sticker on the chest capable of the same? A full automatic cash register system would be the best choice.

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