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Checkout and ticketing for indoor playground and trampoline park

The cash register system with online booking, specially developed for the indoor playground and the trampoline park, guarantees the simplest handling with low costs at the same time.

The cash register software developed by Contigo has a modular structure and can be used for both entry and catering. Can be individually expanded with online booking and also with fully electronic access control. Including evaluation, GoBD and TSE compliance.

Check-in Indoor

The complete solution for the cash register in the indoor playground and trampoline park. Specially developed by Contigo Indoortainment. Modularly expandable. From the individual POS terminal to the connection of online tickets, waiver terminals for declaration of consent or access control with RFID.

Future visitors can book tickets online, which are then immediately transferred to the cash desk. The necessary declarations of liability are stored in the customer database. And finally, storage on an RFID chip is possible. Thus the way to the surface is free.

  • designed for Apple IOS
  • Customizable equipment for entrance and gastronomy
  • Online backend for evaluation and management
  • Modular extension for online payment and entrance control
  • Personalizable and intuitively learnable interface
  • Certification according to GoBD and TSE

cashier system Indoorpark

Specially developed for the indoor playground and the trampoline park, the cash register solution from Contigo can be used both for entry and for catering. So you always have the costs under control. Linked to the customer profile and as a guest booking. With an RFID connection for check-in or with the QR code on the receipt. With cash, credit card and online payment.

Finally, the intuitive menu enables any addition and grouping. You are guaranteed to find the right icon for convenient handling.

Kasse Indoorspielplatz Trampolinpark Indoortainment Contigo

POS System

Cashless payments with a smartphone or card are just as possible here as redeeming vouchers or accepting cash.

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Gastro Kasse Contigo Indoortainment indoorspielplatz trampolinpark


Online ticket booking and payment. With our booking system. For indoor playground and trampoline park.

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More informations of the cashier system for indoorparks by Contigo Indoortainment.

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Online ticket

Book tickets online with the Contigo booking system: Complete your individual POS system with the additional tool for booking tickets. With direct connection to the till. Developed according to the specifications of the trampoline park and indoor playground.

Simply log in with your mobile phone or PC. Then pay with PayPal, credit card or instant transfer. And finally scan the QR code at the entrance. The perfect combination of cash register and online booking.

  • independend Online-Shop
  • Online-Payment with Paypal and credit card
  • direct till connection
  • direct access to ticket allotments

booking indoor

You can find further information on the cash register system specially developed for the indoor park and the associated online booking in the links on the left.

Or see our  Website for cash system for indoor playground and trampoline park.

Kasse Onlinebuchung Ticketshop Booking-Tool Buchungssystem

online booking

More informations of our tool for online booking in indoorparks at our website.

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Ticket online buchen Indoorpark Trampolinhalle Contigo

online demo

Request an online demo now. For the software for online booking.

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Online-Marketing Indoorspielplatz

in detail

More information about the system of Online-Ticketing by Contigo Indoortainment.

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Entrance and security

The Contigo POS system offers the unique solution for the indoor park. Can be used on all IOS devices from Apple, such as iPhone or iPad. Available in the Applestore. Modular structure and therefore ready for immediate use. Unique advantages thanks to individual development.

Finally, we also offer the right solution for the logistical challenge. In addition to specially developed waiver stations with a till connection, RFID-controlled locks ensure security. In this way, every guest can be determined at any time, as can the current number of visitors. Jump times can also be controlled in this way. Combined with the cash register system offered by Contigo, every trampoline park is ideally positioned.

Entrance and storage

The cash register solution with RFID control: regulate access and jump times. Fully automated. With RFID, electronic turnstiles as well as the direct connection to the cash register system. Time slots can be adhered to just as precisely as they are controlled. The general times can also be controlled individually. For example, extensions can be combined with additional payments. But it also makes data collection much easier.

Kasse Kassensystem Indoor Trampolinpark Indoorspielplatz Indoortainment

entrance with RFID

And this is what our RFID solutions offer in detail:

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Kassensystem Kasse Indoorspielplatz Trampolinpark

Waiver / agreement

Due to the direct connection to the cash register system, the waiver stations offered by Contigo guarantee security.

RFID Indoorpark Trampolinpark Contigo Indoortainment

RFID applications

The Contigo RFID solutions can also be used to control lockers or vending machines. Let’s talk about.

Cash register plus online booking

The only cash register system for the indoor playground and the trampoline park with integrated online booking. Find out more about the cash register system specially developed for the indoor playground and the trampoline park, including online booking. On our website you will find further details and information as well as the possibility to experience the online booking live.

Kasse Indoorspielplatz Trampolinpark Contigo Indoortainment

POS for entrance and gastronomy

Ticketbuchung Onlineshop Indoorspielplatz Trampolinpark Contigo Indoortainment

book your tickets and pay directly

Kasse Indoorspielplatz Trampolinpark Contigo Indoortainment

time and access control

Cash Management with cash register and online booking. For Indoor playground and trampoline park