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Business plan indoor park

How much budget is necessary? How much time is required for construction? What are the prospects for making a profit? Often previous visits in other indoor playgrounds or trampoline parks are the occasion to think about a new business concept. Especially with a trampoline arena with a ninja-course. Or with an installation, which is famous from the „RTL“-series „Big Bounce“, the numbers of visitors are self-speaking. For the future founding. The following realization. And the continuing course of Business. A focused realization is necessary. Here a convincing business plan is recommended.

business plan for indoor playground and Trampoline

This customized business plan gives answers. Along with our many years of knowledge of the field and surveys, we offer unique prerequisites. For a successful Business. As well as the previous base for a qualified financing.

On up to 100 pages we calculate for you expected numbers. Of Visitors. And also corresponding cost and earnings structures. We check your region on possible competitors. We proove the available purchasing power. And of course the accessibility and the belonging catchment area. We do market Research. And we compare the resulting data with measured values of the association of hall- and indoor playgrounds. Based on the findings we recommend prices and opening hours. Also the personnel placement, as well as rent and deduction are taken into account. Finally, we calculate in the future business plan your course of business. For the upcoming three years and give you the opportunity for a successful financing colloquy.

Business Planning

The successes of our customers are self-speaking: After a short period of 6 month Bosiland already reached the calculated annual turnover, that was calculated in the business plan. Even though there were competitors, Wichtelwerk in Munich established oneself as successful indoor playground. Since 2013 TobeBox is the most successful indoor playground in the whole Ruhr area. To this day our customers trust in the continuing performances of Contigo, if its about the targeted marketing of their own brand.

The initial costs for such a business plan are manageable. Furthermore, it will be set off against the ensuing realization with the rising expenses. So that with an actual realization the business plan can be offered free of charge.

We’d like to stand by your side with help, advise and many years of experience: 02602/838710 or info@contigo.ag


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