Advertising especially for the indoor park: Since 2005 we have been developing individual brands and ads. For the indoor playground and the trampoline park. More than 75 customers use a Contigo brand image to date. Give your trampoline park an identity, just like your indoor playground. Create a brand with character. Make it recognizable and distinguishable.

How else does Superfly take of? Or how does Ninfly differ from World of Jumpers? – Contigo provides this with indoor advertising. Why does a lion roar in the Tobebox? How does Bosi get into Bosiland? And how did the Wichtelwerk actually get its name? – Contigo does that.

Brand and Advertising

The first impression counts: The trademark on the entrance door. The website with facebook. Or the flyer in schools and daycare centre. Contigo ensures advertising and attention.

From corporate design to the smallest flyer. We create a consistent brand presence. A brand that is memorable. We create the new website. Produce flyers, folders and menus. Create information boards and wall paintings. Ensuring the right employee clothing. And also offer individual advertising material at the best conditions.

Even after the opening we are still there for you: with strong concepts. Themes for the season. Ideas for your website.

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Brand and marketing

Since 1998 we create strong brands. With pride we present successes like Superfly. Or also TobeBox. And finally World of Jumpers. Brands that we put in the limelight in any case. From the trademark to the social media campaign. From leaflets to websites.

We use all means for the communication and advertising of our customers. That’s why we design and produce advertising. We make sure of that. With ideas, concepts and designs. And finally with a lot of effort.

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Personality right from the start. An expressive brand guarantees differentiation. And thus recognizability and possibility of identification.

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Social Media

Reach your target group with facebook. Instagram & co. Fast, efficient and cost-effective. Contigo delivers content in words and pictures.

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Advertising material

Offline and yet up-to-date. Targeted advertising campaigns with flyers, folders or magazines provide information.

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