Marketing and Corporate Design for indoor playground and trampoline park

Contigo Indoortainment is the specialist for target group-specific advertising. For the indoor playground and the trampoline park.

To do this, we develop brands with character. From the idea to implementation. From the logo to the corporate design. And finally from the color alignment to the finished advertising material.

How else does the trampoline park Superfly lift? Or what is the difference between Ninfly and World of Jumpers? Why is there a lion in the Tobebox in Oberhausen? How did Bosi come to Bosiland? And what is the reason of the name of Wichtelwerk?

brand developement for indoor parks

Contigo Indoortainment creates the consistent brand presence. From trademarks with a unique character to websites with direct links to social media or the web shop. From well thought-out advertising material to wall design in the future hall of the indoor playground or trampoline park.

To this end, we develop and design the individual brand presence. With logo, mascot and corporate design. With the right words and meaningful pictures. For the right medium and the right target group. For this purpose we create and host the website. Print folders, magazines and menus. Create information boards and also wall paintings. Provide the right employee clothing. And also offer individual advertising material at the best possible conditions.


We then use every means to place our customers. That is why we develop, design and produce brands and measures. For the indoor playground and the trampoline park.

We have been developing brand images for indoor playgrounds since 2005. When the trampoline trends began in Germany, the first brands for the trampoline park were added in 2013. With well over 50 brands developed today, we therefore guarantee a competence in this area that is unique in Germany.

Corporate Design Marke Logo Maskottchen Bosiland Contigo Indoortainment


Brand development with personality and character. For target group-oriented positioning, differentiation and identification.

Indoorspielplatz Mannkidu Contigo Indoortainment


Concept, content and programming for the company presentation on the website and social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Corporate Design Marke Werbung Indoorpark World of Jumpers Contigo Social Media

Room Concept

Brand symbols can also be set in the hall. From graffiti on the wall to the menu. For every advertising medium, of course.

Advertising for indoor parks

Contigo Indoortainment offers permanent advertising for the indoor playground and the trampoline park. We have been developing individual campaigns for this for over 15 years. With unique target group know-how and an excellent price-performance ratio. From the first ideas to the full implementation of the measure. With illustration and text. And finally from the selection of the media to the final production.

Even long after the opening, we are consequently the perfect partner for successful advertising for the indoor playground and the trampoline park. When it comes to branding. The same applies when Facebook post or SEO metrics need to be optimized. As far as ideas for events are required. Or when good advertising is finally needed again.

Here are some details of our story

Marketing for indoor playground and trampoline park

In short, every means is right for us to place our customers and the content on offer. That is why we ultimately communicate on every channel. That is why we develop, design and produce measures. And finally, they offer advertising for the indoor playground and the trampoline park.

For the online campaign on the website as well as Facebook and Instagram. For direct contact at the POS. With the folder, the magazine and also the menu. But also for billboards, public transport or promotional activities in the pedestrian zone.

An example: Superfly

Contigo Indoortainment Tobebox Corporate Design Marke Werbung


Address your target group permanently. With an individual magazine. Mailings to schools or day care centers. Or with the comprehensive advertising campaign.

Social Media Contigo Indoortainment Werbung Marketing Facebook

Social Media

Facebook or Instagram offer the perfect platform for a permanent and target group-oriented approach. Contigo guarantees content and short response times.

Marke Superfly Trampolinpark Contigo Corporate Design Social Media

Give aways

From the drinking bottle to the base cap to the well thought-out gift packaging. Contigo develops, produces and delivers. On schedule. Inexpensive.

Brand, Marketing and Advertising for indoor playground and trampoline park