Bosiland – Indoorplayground

How do you convert a former swimming pool into an indoor playground? And what are you going to call it? Will you use the established term? Or do you create something completely new? And how do you define the play equipment offer? What are the right prices for entry? For the owner of today’s indoor playground in Nohfelden at the Bostalsee, it was completely unknown territory. Maybe this was the thought that lead to the origins of today’s name for the, in Saarland unique, indoor playground: Bosiland. Contigo should create a story for it, which should be understandable, catchy and remarkable.

Bosi – the dragon from Bosiland

Contigo owner Frank Pieper went to action highly motivated. An own country next to a lake? A fitting „monster“ shouldn’t be missing. But naturally, it should be loved by children, not feared. Happily, the son of the owner could give him advise on this subject. He was filled with enthusiasm by little Bosi right from the start. The then 5 years old was also allowed to decide the choice of colors. In this way Bosi got to his violet spots, which make him even more likeable.

With the creation of the additional story about the origins of the small dragon – which is now available on CD – the story of Bosiland was created, too. In folders, on posters and in the magazine, which comes out every 3 months, Bosi smiles at every visitor. Also on the website (www.bosiland.de) he can’t be missing. The individually developed, unique mascot of Bosiland presents oneself in a variety of different poses and positions.


Business plan for success

Besides extensive marketing, the consultation in the run-up of the opening was convincing. With a corresponding market and target group analysis a business plan was created, which communicated quite positive prospects. That the calculation was made quite plain came out already 6 months later. This was the time that was needed to meet the predicted earnings for the first year.

To this day Bosiland is a loyal customer of Contigo. And to this day one’s chatting about developments and possibilities on a regular base to have Bosiland still at its best, to expand its offer or optimize the addressing of the small customers on all channels.

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