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Bennis Playland – Indoorplayground

A hall as big as a soccer stadium. At least this is how Bennis Playland seemed during its creation. Perhaps also because the new hall was actually built in the immediate vicinity of the Audi Sports Park in Ingolstadt. And planned by a local building contractor, the future indoor playground was ultimately intended to have a direct positive effect from the outside as well.

Brand with Contigo

But this positive effect is also clearly visible in the interior. A pleasant light as well as a special room concept finally provides the good feeling here. Bennis Playland is certainly not a usual indoor playground. The lovingly designed birthday boxes are also convincing. Contigo developed completely independent themes for each of these small houses. Of course, the boxes contain the two heroes Benni and Bonni. After all, the two sympathy figures guarantee a very special recognition to this day. Benni is a little astronaut, buccaneer or circus director, while Bonni is just as pretty as a fairy or a princess. There it goes sometimes optically under water or perhaps also into the eternal ice.


Benni & Bonni

Contigo placed little Benni and his friend Bonni in every area of the new brand outfit. While the developed brand logo was deliberately designed to be neutral, the two heroes now appeared on every future advertising medium. From the drinking bottle to the small folder. From the website to the menu including a notice board. Benni and Bonni are there.


From the very first hour, we at Contigo are of course especially happy about the success of Bennis Playland. Even though we had more than 2,000 fans after only two weeks on the then created facebook site, nobody could have guessed how muss success little Benni would have in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area.

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