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Advertising Indoor

2005 Contigo Indoortainment went active for an indoor playground. At this time nobody thought this would be the core business of the former advertising agency. So today’s Indoortainment offer was pretty much founded with Tolliwood. With all in all 4 locations the brand presented itself. In terms of the recognition value, Contigo developed a brand with franchise potential. The selling of the brand prevented the original plans of expanding. Still Contigo stayed loyal to the field of indoor playgrounds.

Brand: Indoor playground

Due to direct contact to the Association of hall- and indoor playgrounds it quickly got around: Contigo creates unique worlds and the belonging communication. In the first years the brand of Mannkidu , Bosiland, Tobebox and TobiDu followed. With more than 15 created brands in the field of indoor playgrounds, Contigo played a substantial role.

Tobebox Indoorspielplatz Oberhausen - Marke Contigo Tolliwood Indoorspielplatz Frankfurt - Marke Contigo IndoortainmentTobidu Indoorspielplatz Stuttgart - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Mannkidu Indoorspielplatz Mannheim - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Bosiland Indoorspielplatz Saarland - Marke Contigo Indoortainment

Brand: Trampoline park

Contigo finally went into the field of trampoline parks with the brand of Superfly. While the fundamental concept of the upcoming communication was developed in the first location in Duisburg. In the second location in Dortmund the adaption was being tested. Ideal preconditions for the following Superfly Locations. Like Hannover, Aachen, Dresden, Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf and Munich. Contigo relied on a brand communication that was designed along the same lines. At present there are 10 German Locations. And a further expansion is planned. Superfly is market leader in the field of trampoline parks. This is something Contigo is certainly proud of. Furthermore, customers like Jump ’N Fun Arena confirm the additional competence of Contigo. Also Sprungfrei, Ninfly and World of Jumpers.

World of Jumpers Trampolinpark Göttingen - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Brand advertising

Superfly Trampolinpark Deutschland - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Brand Advertising Marketing Sprungfrei Trampolinpark Lathen - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Brand Advertising Marketing Ninfly Trampolinpark Münster - Marke Contigo Indoortainment Brand Advertising Marketing

Investment advertising

About 15 years the suppliers from indoor entertainment trust Contigo Indoortainment. Besides indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks also a bike park and a fitness chain belong to the indoor customers. Many of them use the wide range of communication offer of Contigo since their founding. In form of a variety of advertising offers with different orientations and order of magnitude Contigo offers monthly lump sums.

The spectrum reaches from simple flyers to individually illustrated and texted customer magazines. Or the development and support of the website. Supported with weekly facebook posts. Of Course also the analysis of the number of visitors on the website.

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