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Indoortainment with Contigo

You’re looking for a concept for an indoor park? You want to open an indoor playground? Or maybe you want to build a trampoline park?

Then there are a lot of questions answer now: Who writes the business plan? And who does the analysis? Where do you get the equipment for the indoor playground? And what is the right equipment for the trampoline hall? Also the cash register system is important. And finally the right marketing.

Contigo does all of that. We are developer and equipper. Planner and implementers. Providers of ideas and companions. From the first concept to advertising. From the device to the cash register. With specially developed solutions. And in direct cooperation with mansufacturers and producers.

Since 1998 Contigo has been setting trends with Indoortainment. As the only provider of complete solutions. And as co-founder of the trampoline scene in Germany. We offer a unique service. Contigo is the perfect partner for the indoor playground and the trampoline park. From the planning to the complete equipment.

business plan analysis indoor playground trampoline park contigo indoortainment


Analysis and finally also the business plan: Open an indoor playground? Build a trampoline hall? Use our business…


Contigo takes care of the appropriate equipment of indoor playground and trampoline park. For this purpose we plan…
POS software cash system cashier indoor playground trampoline park contigo


POS software and online booking: Specially developed for the indoor playground and the trampoline park. This software offers…


Advertising especially for the indoor park: Since 2005 we have been developing individual brands and ads. For the…


Contigo guarantees technology from Germany. With strong partners. Especially for the indoor park. With solutions that convince. Bundled, as a unique performance promise.

Inform yourself about the possibilities of Contigo. From concept to cash register. From construction to advertising. Benefit from more than 15 years of experience. Put your trust in our many years of experience. – Let us inspire you.


Learn more. About the concept, the construction but also the advertisement. In the direct usage.

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As members of the IATP and the VDH, we attend events worldwide to guarantee latest trends and opportunities.

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A picture says more than words. And a customer reference ultimately speaks for itself. Get to know us.

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