The indoor park concept

The indoor park concept: should a trampoline hall inspire visitors? Should the indoor playground provide an exciting change of scene? How high does the hall need to be? Which routes can be created? What do the ideal facilities look like? Which equipment is the best? And what does it all cost on the bottom line?

Contigo develops the best concept for the indoor park. With the right mix of attractions, optimal routing and finally the right equipment. In short, we create experiences. For you and your visitors.

The right building

What requirements does the future building have to meet if we want to open an indoor park? Would a new building be best? How much does a square metre of hall cost? As with any property, the location is crucial. But structural conditions are also important. Support loads, ceiling heights or fire protection. Important criteria for the selection of the future property.

Many years of experience and detailed planning help to prevent incurring further costs. With 3D designs you can explore your future amusement park in advance. Take a virtual walk through your own indoor playground or trampoline park. Take everything into account and make your decision as to which equipment suits you best.

The perfect facilities

Indoor park concept: when choosing the facilities the right mix of play, fun and variety is important. Sometimes it has to be the steep slide and then after that the Ninja course may be the biggest attraction. We help you to put the right world together. In accordance with the requirements of your building. Aligned with your ideas. And oriented according to regional criteria.

Accordingly, we also take care of the future selection of equipment, as well as the associated creation of a world of experience. Here, technical and eventful guided tours play just as important a role as the associated brand and its application.

Through close cooperation with competent and long-standing successful providers, we ensure the highest possible quality. And in every trade.

Installation and equipment

Where can your guests get changed? How do you regulate the admissions? How important is sound and audio quality? What kind of food and drinks should be offered?

In addition to the facilities, we coordinate all the factors and therefore the installation and equipment. Food and drink, the payment system or the sound system. Employee uniform or the graffiti on the wall are also important to us. As a result, we ensure that everything is coordinated with each other in terms of content and time.

Indoortainment: Halls concept, fittings and Equipment