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The right brand and the appropriate advertisement for the indoor playground and the trampoline park. This is the world of Contigo. The world of Indoortainment.

Contigo offers advertising with recognition value and attractiveness. To do this we develop trademarks. We create worlds, characters, colours and shapes. For this, we create the right website, printed matter and advertising material. We design and produce. Finally, we communicate on all channels in the interests of our customers.

So how else can Superfly stand out, without being out of touch with the real world? How can younger visitors identify with the TobeBox? What sets the indoor playground apart from the trampoline park? Or what difference does it make, whether I visit Bosiland, Mannkidu or perhaps Wichtelwerk in Munich?

Indoortainment: advertising of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks

The brand concept

Strengthen your brand with Contigo marketing.

How do you want to position yourself? What sets you apart? Who is the target group? How are you reaching your customers?

These are just a few of the criteria that define the future direction of your brand and the associated promotion of the indoor playground or the promotion of the trampoline park. The additional communication on the right channels finally ensures a targeted approach.

To do this, we develop memorable trademarks. The contents fit to you and your offer and that can be continued in all areas of communication, from small leaflets, to the well thought-out website, through to the overall design and furnishing of your hall.

Indoortainment: brand for indoor playground and trampoline park

Corporate design

As part of a successful brand, corporate design provides the first impression. With the goal of consistent brand communication, we use this uniform appearance for every contact opportunity with your customers. Merchandise articles become brand ambassadors, such as the future website, the magazine, the folder, the flyer, the brochure, the poster, the business card, the mural. Consequently, the brand message is unmistakable and is reinforced by every element of communication or even the simple presence.


The typical visitor to the trampoline park or indoor playground is active and mobile. Fast and easy to find information is important. We offer comprehensive online solutions from the website for the indoor playground to the Facebook presence for the trampoline park. In addition to a website – primarily aimed at mobile devices – we use social media for targeted and on-going addressing of the target group.

With publications and campaigns on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, we ensure lasting memories. With specially created channels, such as the playground tester, we also enable accompanying advertising opportunities to increase not only public awareness but also credibility.


Indoor playground and trampoline park online marketing

Printed material

Our goal is to reach your target audience in the best possible way. Every means is right for us. Therefore, in addition to targeted online marketing, we continue to rely on the effectiveness of meaningful advertising measures. From the poster at the bus stop to the quarterly family magazine, the experience menu or even just small flyers for distribution in the pedestrian area, we use effective printed matter to ensure the public is aware of your establishment.

According to the “Do good and make it known” principle, we spread your messages. Directed to the target group and to the point.

Advertising Materials

The right baseball cap, specially designed trampoline socks, shirts for the crew or the water bottle, the backpack, the hoodie. These are all components of our wide range of promotional items and equipment options.

Reach your customers beyond your own building by using an advertising medium. Create lasting memories and create a brand that sticks consistently. How else can you reach the right person in the school yard? Or how do you convey your brand even to the competition?

Trampoline park and indoor playground advertising materials

Indoortainment: Advertising indoor playground – Advertising trampoline park