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How does the Superfly brand stand out without seeming aloof and how does advertising for the indoor playground work? What is the difference between Ninfly and World of Jumpers? And how do young visitors identify with the TobeBox in any case? Or what difference does it make if I visit Bosiland, the Mannkidu or maybe the Wicktelwerk in Munich? And what else distinguishes the indoor playground from the trampoline park?

Contigo creates recognition factor and ensures sympathy. We develop trademarks for this. Also we create worlds, characters, colours and shapes. And of course we create the appropriate website, printed matter and advertising material. Here we design and produce. Finally, to communicate on all channels in the interest of our customers.

The suitable brand and the corresponding advertising for the indoor playground and the advertising for the trampoline hall. That is Indoortainment.

Indoor playground brand | Trampoline park brand


How do you want to position yourself? What makes you different? Who is your target group? Where do you reach your customers? These are just some of the criteria that define the future direction of your brand and the associated advertising.

To enable a targeted approach on the right channels, we develop brands that make an impression. Brands that fit you and your offer in terms of content. Brands, with recognition factor and character. For this purpose we create a corporate design with colours, shapes and fonts. We then transfer this design to all areas of communication. From the small flyer, to the well thought-out website, to the wall painting of the future hall.

Integrated into Contigo’s hall concept, we create the brand for the indoor playground and the brand for the trampoline hall.

Indoor playground brand | Trampoline hall brand


The future visitors should look forward to the opening. A little talking and the right advertising material is very important. So enter into a dialogue. Use your website to present the future offer. Recommend, link, post it on social media. Send a real mascot to the pedestrian zone. Send out invitations to the VIP opening. Distribute small gifts.

We have been attracting attention for over 15 years. With a well thought-out advertising concept, we guarantee that you will get to know the new indoor park. We create the new website including the corresponding Facebook presence. Or we design and produce flyers, folders and menus. We also provide a guidance system and the wall design. And finally, we also select, design and produce the right advertising material. All this is part of the initial advertising equipment for the indoor park. All this is Indoortainment.

Marketing trampoline park and indoor playground


No matter what you need. Contigo provides the right advertising concept for the indoor playground and the Advertising concept for the trampoline park. The right advertising medium. As well as updating the website. And also the corresponding online shop. Or perhaps the individually designed magazine.

Even beyond the opening of the park, we offer comprehensive advertising for indoor parks. For this purpose we develop and produce. We design, revise and reproduce. No matter if it is the new business card, the updated menu or the complete revision of the brand. Contigo is the right partner when it comes to advertising for indoor parks.

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