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Trampoline park and indoor playground

Business plan and marketing? Concept and facilities? Contigo can do all this and more. We are developers and implementers. The extended marketing department. The outsourced press office. The creative idea finder. The cleaners and removers. The advisors or deconstruction workers. The listener and narrator.

Contigo is the right address when planning the future indoor playground. When the trampoline hall is equipped. And when a demonstrative brand is in demand.

For this reason, we calculate visitor numbers. Then we create the business plan. Then develop a hall concept. And finally we make sure that the music is playing on the opening day. Or that the lights are on and the cash register is working properly.

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Christina Muenz

Christina Münz takes care of the implementation and team supervision. Her personal passion for sports and more than 5 years at Contigo guarantee Indoortainment. As a graphic designer, she also appreciates a goal with style.


Frank Pieper

Frank Pieper is the founder and managing director of Contigo. He has been dealing with indoor playgrounds for more than 15 years. In 2014, the expansion began with trampoline parks. As the father of two children, he is both a target group and a target setter. As a graduate businessman, he values price and performance.


From start-up to full service

Contigo also provides on-going support. With the opening day of the trampoline hall or indoor playground, our work really starts. In other words, we make sure that it gets talked about on Facebook. Finally, the right hashtag is placed on Instagram. Then we also update the website. We also deliver folders, posters and banners. Or we host the online shop for tickets and pricing. We supply the trampoline socks as well as the RFID wristbands for the checkout system. And with a very large network we ensure the right insurance, the right food concept and the annual safety check. Likewise for the right machine, the new attraction and continuous advertising on all channels.

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Extract of our customers

Trampolinpark World of Jumpers
Indoorspielplatz Wichtelwerk
Trampolinpark Sprungfrei
Trampolinpark Ninfly
Indoorspielplatz Jux-Tollerei München
Indoorspielplatz Halligalli
Indoorspielplatz Mannkidu
Indoorspielplatz Maligos Welt
Indoorspielplatz Tobiduo
Indoorspielplatz Tobebox Oberhausen
Indoorspielplatz Fitolino
Indoorspielplatz Bosiland
Trampolinpark Superfly Air-Sports
Indoorspielplatz Nori Park
Indoorspielplatz Bennis-Playland
Indoorspielplatz World of Jumpers
Indoorspielplatz Kiddy-Dome
Trampolinpark Jump N Fun

Contigo is a member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (indoortrampolineparks.org). The IATP, founded in 2012, represents the interests of start-ups in the trampoline sector as well as their fitters and suppliers. Organised internationally, the association offers national chapters with regular network meetings and presentations.

Qualitätsmerkmal Trampolin und Indoorspielplatz

Contigo is a member of the Verband der Hallen- und Indoorspielplätze/the Association of Indoor Playgrounds and halls (myvdh.de). The VDH, founded in 2004, represents and supports professional operators of indoor playgrounds with its activities. It is the contact point for operators, media and investors. For members, the VDH forum is an online platform for finding competent information in this young industry and for quickly exchanging information.